Meet the Team

Our Vicar & His Wife


Chris & Catherine Knights

 Chris says, 'I've been a Church of England minister since 1989.  Those 30 years have been a time of great change in the Church and it hasn't always been easy for me and my wife, Catherine. But God has been faithful and has blessed us with a fruitful ministry, even in the tough times, and we have never ceased to be excited by the life of faith.

Together we've served together in all sorts of parishes, mainly in Catherine's homeland, the north east of England. But in 2016 God's call was clear to us to come to Southampton to the unique community of Lord's Hill Church.

Alongside parish life, I've also always been involved in training others to be clergy and lay ministers. And for two years before coming south, I worked in church-based community work in Scotland, close to Edinburgh.

We've been married even longer than I've been in ministry - since 1987 . And we have two grown-up children, Dan who is married to Felicity, and Miriam who is married to Dean. Miriam and Dean are parents to our grandson, Micah.  It's such a blessing that we all love Jesus.' 

Licensed Lay Ministers

Angie Lythgoe

I enjoy the creative dimension of my life and find that this brings both pleasure and vitality.

Knowing Jesus as my saviour and Lord inspires my daily living in the good times as well as the tough times. This anchors me in my ministry as a LLM at Lords Hill Church.

Clive Ashton

I work as an internet shopper for a supermarket, enjoy all things computing, watching films and listening to all types of music.

I have always believed in God since my days at Sunday School. However, it wasn't until I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that I began to investigate my faith more seriously and committed my life to Jesus. Whilst my illness now has a greater effect on my life,  Jesus gives me the will and hope to carry on because I know He loves me. 

Lynne Payne

Lynne currently works as a PA and is married to Cliff . 

"Knowing Jesus fills me with hope and joy. One of the greatest blessings of being a part of God's Kingdom at Lord's Hill Church is being able to serve Him by reaching out to the local community so that His light and love might be experienced by all." 

Church Wardens

Naomi Clarke

I am a retired headteacher of special needs children.

I enjoy gardening, musical theatre and I lead sung worship in church.

“Brought up in a christian family my faith has always been the foundation of my upbringing. I have always been encouraged to offer whatever I could to bring glory to our Lord. This began with cleaning the brass in church aged 9 and developed to participating in singing in the choir and now leading musical worship on a weekly basis. Christian Music is essential to my faith and allows me use it to help others express all thoughts and feelings to our wonderful Father God.”

Bob Johns

After careers as a postal engineer, residential care officer and support care officer, Bob is now retired - but church and family life keep him busy!

   "I know that God has been with me all my life, but it took a crisis for me to open the door to God and to accept the truth that I was made acceptable to Him through Jesus dying on a cross for me.

I have security in the knowledge that God is with me in times of trouble and in the joy of good times. As a child of God I am an heir to a kingdom which lasts for ever."

Safeguarding Officer - Julie Martin

I am a nurse working with adults and children in the theatre recovery department at Southampton General Hospital. As part of my role I manage a team of nurses and support their career development. Despite working long hours, I enjoy listening to music, karaoke and spending time with family and friends. I cannot remember a time when I haven't had a relationship with God as my Father. I have been attending Lord's Hill Church from an early age so have grown to trust God in the challenges I meet at work and in my personal life. One of my favourite biblical quotes is Phillipians 4:13: "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me".