Study is all about getting to know God better
Discipleship Groups

Is joining a discipleship group right for you?

Most of all discipleship groups are for people who want to know Jesus better and become more like Him. And they are about setting out on the exciting adventure of helping others to know God and become more like Jesus too. In other words, we're about growing as disciples together.

We hope that each person in our discipleship groups will: 

  • Have a hunger for Jesus. To be hungry is to be humble and ready to receive what God offers you through his Word and also through the other members of your group.

  • Be committed to the group: to meeting regularly and to growing together in holiness. 

Where and when do the groups meet?


  • One of our three groups meets fortnightly on Wednesday evenings in the home of one of our Licensed Lay Ministers, Lynne.

  •  The second takes place in the vicarage on a midweek evening and separates out each course into a run of weekly sessions, with intervals between courses.

  • The 3rd group takes place in church on Thursday mornings fortnightly.

  • Each group session lasts for up to two hours. 

  • Recent topics for study include ‘The Holy Spirit’, ‘The Power of Prayer’ and in early 2020 we plan on exploring the Bible as a drama of several acts.


Contact Chris (our vicar) if you would like to join one of these groups.

Summer Saturdays

During the summer months we hold a special calendar of Saturday events in church that are designed to appeal to a variety of tastes and interests.

Opposite you can see the 2019 calendar. It will give you an idea of what we get up to!

The 2020 calendar will appear here in due course.



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