Here at Lord's Hill Church we believe that praying is one of the most important things we do as people who belong to Jesus. 

We pray for YOU.

We pray for OUR COMMUNITY.

We pray for OURSELVES. 

We pray because we believe that, 

through prayer,

God acts to make a difference

in all of our lives. 

This is how we pray...

  •  On our own at home each day, alongside reading the Bible.

  • Together in our Sunday morning services.

  • Straight after our Sunday morning services when we offer to pray in private with anyone who especially needs our prayer and support.

  • By sitting quietly in church with God for an hour on Sunday evenings at 'Time for God'.

  • Through our shared prayers in the prayer room in church on the second Monday of each month, 7-8pm.

  • Out in the shopping precinct on Tuesday lunchtimes with those who want to stop to chat. 

  • Together on Wednesday mornings at 10am, before our open house hour from 10.30am.